Revolution Tee

Revolution Tee

SKU: revtee
Color: Orange
  • • Dry your garments on low setting

    • Use cold water when washing

    Also, do not dry fully (in the dryer), you should hang to complete the drying process.

    How to keep your tri-blend shirts looking incredible for years

    Soft shirts are simply lovable and we know that you want them to last for as long as possible. Hence, here are some useful tips to help remove any common pesky stain:

    • Move your stained tri-blend garment away from a direct heat source. Heat will make the stain more difficult to remove

    • Never rub the stain as it may spread. Always remember to blot

    • Act quickly so you can address the stain much more effectively

    How to maintain/save the ink and logo on your tri-blends

    • Avoid using bleach when washing

    • Make sure that the shirt is turned inside-out before washing

    • Also turn the shirt inside-out when drying to protect the print

    • While it is ok to iron on low, avoid ironing any printed areas

    • Only dry on low and remove before your garment fully dries

    • Avoid damaging the print by not using towels and other rough fabrics